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Trauma Informed Care

The Human Services Skills Organisation Care and Support Mental Health Resources

The Human Services Skills Organisation (HSSO) and Phoenix Australia have recently collaborated to create helpful resources to support trauma-informed care and wellbeing in the workplace. The resources include concepts of trauma-informed care and raises awareness of workers’ mental health and wellbeing.


To access these resources, please visit the HSSO website. 

Helping Hand – Trauma Training E-learning Program 

Helping Hand has developed an e-learning program called Trauma Training that is available to complete online. The program includes an online learning course, a debriefing guide and a series of video resource. 


To access the e-learning program, please visit the Helping Hand website.

Phoenix Australia: Trauma-Informed Care Workbook 

Phoenix Australia have developed a “How-to” guide to trauma-informed practice in aged care. The workbook includes key principles of trauma-informed care in aged care settings and provides practical strategies for organisations to implement. 


To download the workbook visit the Phoenix Australia website.

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