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Oasis Tribute Illuminates Forgotten Australians at Vivid Sydney 2018

Sydney's annual Vivid festival, renowned for its spectacular light installations, took a poignant turn in 2018 with the "Oasis" installation, a heartfelt tribute to Australia's "forgotten" children. Created by artist James Feng and collaborator Minh Au, "Oasis" was one of the many dazzling displays at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney during the festival, which ran from May 25 to June 16, 2018.

"Oasis" featured a sea of illuminated bulbs, evoking images of fireflies and blooming flowers as they danced on the water's surface. This mesmerising display aimed to honour the memories of children who grew up in orphanages, children's homes, foster care, and institutions across Australia. Feng and Au's installation not only captivated viewers with its beauty but also invited them to reflect on the lives and experiences of these children.

The installation was part of a broader array of exhibits at Vivid Sydney, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018. Other highlights included a canopy of chattering, rainbow parrots, a giant illuminated web, and interactive pathways of light. These installations transformed the Royal Botanic Garden into a wonderland of light and colour, drawing thousands of visitors each night.

Vivid Sydney 2018 continued to uphold the festival's reputation for combining creativity, technology, and public art, offering both visual delight and meaningful contemplation through installations like "Oasis".

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