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Resources for Child Migrants

The Child Migrant Trust

The Child Migrant Trust (CMT) was founded in 1987 by Margaret Humphreys to address the devastating impact of British child migration schemes during the 20th century. Before the practice ended in 1970, over 130,000 children had been deported from Britain to distant parts of the empire and later the Commonwealth. CMT aims to bring recognition, rights, and reparations to these people in their old age.

The Child Migrant Trust attempts to aid former Child Migrants in attaining personal information such as knowledge of their family background, a full birth certificate, clarity about their family background and the opportunity to reunite with their family. CMT also campaigns to raise awareness of the impacts of the child migrant schemes on both the children and their families in Britain.

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Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authority

The Council of Australasian Archives and Records Authority has a webpage dedicated to supporting Child Migrants in locating their records. The page details what records are available where, and how to receive them as well as contact and department details.

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